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Listen to what others are saying about Rick Derman…

“Hardnosed Rock´n´Roll Songs with extremely good lyrics” ChrisLewisMusic.com

“Rick, you sound GREAT!  Love the writing and singing and please know that after all of my years of recording commercial music I’m real picky.  So, great work my friend!  I am VERY impressed and glad to finally hear your music.” -Jim McCarty-top LA studio musician /drumtracks.com

“I love the vocal choruses, they sound very Beatles, or Todd Rundgren-like. Nice work.” – Joe DiCarlo/Berlin drummer/producer


As one reviewer put it from MV/Naumburg in Germany “Power and great professionalism on the electric guitar are what the American Rick Derman has to offer, and his voice unites everything that is good in the genre of rock.” In short, if you are a fan of artists + bands such as David Bowie, Tom Petty, The Beatles, The Strokes and others like them, Rick Derman is a must have for your collection.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Rick has been based in Germany for many years. His lyrics have captured the attention of musicians and reviewers alike, in Europe and the USA. And his knack for melodic hooks with contagious rock grooves makes his music a great choice for headphone listening, dancing or just driving down the highway.

For a limited time, Rick is giving away the latest single from his most recent album. Just enter your name and email address on the right hand side of this page and you will be immediately sent the download link to the free track.

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